ABS plastic with silver ions. Ergonomic—no need to bend over or bend knees. Air blows down and back from vents above. No water splash-back. Ultra hygienic—over 99% of airborne bacteria is eliminated with the removable Triple HEPA Filter System. 5-year warranty.

Optional voltages available:

  • 20201-1 – 110-120V
  • 20201-2 – 208-240V
  • 20201-3 – 277V
    • Ultra-hygienic
    • Energy efficient
    • Quieter
    • Fast drying
    • Ceramic Evaporator Plate captures water droplets
    • Drip Tray prevents puddles on the floor
    • Easy to maintain
    • Operating LED lights


    • HEPA—to capture airborne PARTICLES
    • Antimicrobial—to fight BACTERIA
    • Activated charcoal—to fight ODOR

    Comes with Antimicrobial ABS Cover with Silver Ions



    • Air flow can be lowered
    • Heat can be turned on or off
    • Save energy
    • Reduce noise
    • Gain operating flexibility

    Optional Voltage Available


Different models for operating voltage
110~120 V (50/60 Hz),
208~204 V (50/60 Hz)
or 227 V (60 Hz);
1600 W with heater on,
700 W with heater off

Motor: 1HP, 11 – 19 kRPM
Brush type, dual ball bearings
Heater: 400 – 900 W
Current: 6.66 Amps @ 240 VAC
• Ultra hygienic — Over 99% of airborne bacteria and particles as small as 0.3 microns are eliminated with the removable Triple HEPA Filter System:
First Layer: HEPA filter
Second Layer: Carbon filter
Third Layer: Anti-microbial filter
Anti-microbial silver ion treatment added to the ABS cover provides an additional layer of germ protection


12-11/16″ x 22-1/16″ x 7-3/4″